"Light Sport Aviation" can safely guide you through an approved, efficient training programme aimed at teaching you the knowledge and skills needed to gain your Pilot Certificate (license). The average person with no previous flying experience should expect to complete some 10 to 15 hours of actual in-flight tuition to reach solo standard. Your flying first lesson after your T.I.F. will be conducted, with YOU in the front seat as Pilot in command !



$450 for 3 hours in my aircraft
$450 for 4 hours in your aircraft



With any flying activities, you must be part of an association. With the Recreational Aircraft of Australia (RAAus), we are allowed to do your first three lessons without joining. This is so, after this point, you will have a good idea whether to continue with your flying or not.

The fee for joining the RAAus is $210 per year.


Theory Pack: 

When you have completed your first lesson in the front seat as Pilot in command, you will be presented with your FREE handout notes in a folder.

These should be read progressively through the course of your learning to fly.

Extra theory publications are essential to complete your study program and are available to purchase at the school.


Aircraft type:

You will be instructed in the latest Aeroprakt aircraft. 

Not all aircraft are created equal. Within the first three training hours you will need to make a commitment on what aircraft will suit your needs, so that your training can be suitably tailored to suit YOU. This will maximise your safety and enjoyment through your flying future.

To book contact Robert Hatswell on 0428 527 200.